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How your home can help you feel happier

Home Upgrades for a Happier Family

Happiness is found from within, right? Well, yes, but outside factors can heavily influence how you feel. If your home environment isn’t conducive to relaxation, then you may find that you feel more uptight whether you are at home or at work.

Today on the Serenity Speaking Counselling blog, we offer tips and advice on how to help you create a more harmonious environment at home, which is so important when you work from the same pace.

Give yourself a “man cave” or “she shed.”

A man cave or its more feminine counterpart, the she shed, are simply spaces within our homes that we use to pursue our passions. These are important additions to our home since having a hobby is one of the greatest ways to help make a clean break from work. Further, your creative outlet can improve your mood, give you more energy, and reduce stress. Fortunately, having a passion to pursue is also a great way to achieve the ever-elusive balance between work and home.

Cover the patio.

Spending more time outdoors is also another excellent way to improve your mood and reduce stress, according to Sharp HealthCare. And, most of us have an existing deck or patio that probably gets plenty of use on warm, sunny, summer days. But, for maximum time outside, consider building a roof over your outdoor entertainment areas.

Make a better workspace.

If you’re like many of us, your home is also where you work. If this is the case, it might be hard to be productive during the day, especially when you have children or other people in the house. Make sure that your office is in a quiet area, has plenty of natural light, and is set up with productivity and efficiency in mind. If you’re looking for more tips on how to create the perfect home office, the MyMove blog offers plenty of insight, including having plants and just enough personal items to remind you why you work in the first place.

Outfit a mudroom.

A mudroom is a small area, usually at the back entrance or through the garage. These small rooms might not look like much, but they serve several important purposes. Not only do they help keep the rest of your house clean, but you can also use them to store jackets, shoes, and other items that might otherwise clutter up your home. Further, they offer a great return on investment, which is important if you plan to sell your home in the future. A few storage shelves and coat racks are a great start, which makes this a highly affordable option, even if your “mudroom” isn’t a full room at all.

Add an exercise space.

Fitness is important for everyone, and having a place to work out at home will keep you motivated. Even if you don’t have much room, there are ways that you can add an exercise space. One idea is to put a freestanding punching bag in the garage. According to Century Martial Arts, these no longer have to be hung from the ceiling, and they are easy to move and roll around. You could also clear out a spare bedroom for use as a meditation or yoga room.

Your home should be where you feel most comfortable and, when you work at home, productive. There are many ways to make this happen, from giving yourself access to your outdoor space to making sure you can exercise when you want to, the above tips are just a few suggestions to put you on the right path. Remember, your environment matters and, although happiness comes from within, it is often our environment that helps us live stress-free, healthy lives.

Blog written by Alice Robertson

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