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Clean & Clutter Free

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Keep Your Home Clean and Clutter-Free to Reduce Stress

Every family has different standards for keeping their homes tidy. But some habits are super-easy and help your home life feel more relaxed while also improving the tidiness of your living space and uncluttering your mind. Check out these simple tidiness habits to change up your home for the better, brought to you by Serenity Speaking Counselling.

Plan a Cleaning Schedule

Keeping a room-by-room cleaning schedule will help you realistically tidy your home. If your calendar allows, choose a day and time to clean all the rooms of your home. If you can't do it all at once, divide it into sections and choose a time to tidy each room at least once a week. The act of cleaning can feel overwhelming, so aim for doing smaller areas at a time.

Clean as You Go

Make tidiness a priority when you're doing things around the house. Try to keep clutter at bay by putting things away as you use them. If you have too much on your hands, it's okay to store items temporarily in another room until you have time to put them away.

If paper and mail are you clutter demons, make a schedule for reviewing, recycling, and scanning. Perhaps every day or two, go through the paper that has accumulated and see what’s important. Anything unnecessary, recycle! Items that need to be addressed, like medical bills, store in a specific location that you review weekly. Anything you need to keep a record of, but don’t need immediately, scan and save in folders on your computer.

You can even organise that digital space, too. By using a free merger tool, you can combine similar documents, like pages of school reminders for the year, into a single file you can more easily locate. That way your paper and digital documents are available when you need them, but they aren’t cluttering up your space; click here for more info.

Stay Organised with Bins, Baskets, and Hangers

Keeping things organised not only looks cleaner, but it makes tidying up faster, too. In each room, use bins, baskets, and hangers to store items in their proper place. There are many ways to keep things this way, so find a method that works for you. You could string a cute set of bins together on a wall or prop a basket on the back of your toilet.

Declutter Regularly

If there's too much on your hands, it can make tidying up more difficult. It might be hard to see things you don't use anymore, but regular decluttering can make tidying up much more manageable. You may be surprised at the things you haven't used in months or years. Get rid of stuff you don't need and organise the things you need in easy-to-find locations.

This process can be challenging for many people. We imbue items with emotions, which can make it harder to part with things. Or perhaps you simply can’t figure out how to store the items you want to keep. If you can declutter and organise, you have more time and less stress on a day-to-day basis.

Use Tools for Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, you don't have to do it all yourself. Some simple tools can help you tidy up in no time. For instance, a microfiber cloth is excellent for cleaning mirrors without leaving streaks. A steam mop can work wonders on tile and stone floors with minimal effort.

Hire a Cleaning Professional

If you're still struggling to keep your home tidy, it might be a good idea to hire someone to clean your house. This way, you can rest easy knowing your living space is getting cleaned.

Another option is having your furniture sanitised. Look into furniture cleaning services to give your fabrics a regular deep clean that can help prolong the life of your furniture, remove odours, and eliminate stains.

Spend the time to get a few quotes and meet with the service providers to discuss your needs. Always check out the company's reviews online before making a final decision.

Stay Healthy and Happy with Better Home Tidiness

Clutter anywhere in your life can increase stress levels. By having a plan to keep your home cleaner and more organised, you can improve your overall wellness. Make simple steps like picking up messes as you and setting a schedule for specific decluttering steps.

If you’re looking for professional counselling in Farnham, Serenity Speaking Counselling is here to help! If you have any questions, please email

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