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The World of Therapy

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Welcome to the world of Counselling Therapy

Hello I am Rachel Sewrey I am a qualified integrative counselling therapist based in Farnham Surrey . I specialise in Trauma, anxiety and depression, I have experience and qualified to deliver trauma focused therapy.

The world of therapy has been a main stay in America, unfortunately for us in the United Kingdom the stigma around mental health has impacted our views about seeking therapy. So I would like to take this opportunity to help you to understand how therapy can benefit all of us not just people who feel they are suffering with mental health concerns.

Therapy is an opportunity first and foremost to allow us as individuals to really grow our self-awareness and understanding who and what we are. By learning how and why we develop behaviours, thoughts and feelings, we can embrace them or take time to learn how to manage them in a different way. I have always said the best message of all time is;

Knowledge is Power

Secondly therapy can help us to understand how our lifestyle can impact on our mental well being and lead to some mental health conditions such as Anxiety & Depression.

When we understand possible causes and how mental health conditions can impact on our mental and physical well being, again we can learn how to manage them allowing us as human beings to function in a positive way in this fast paced world we are currently living in. We can learn to be kind to ourselves and not feeling insecure because we have developed mental health concerns.

What separates us from the animal world and makes us Human is that we do experience emotions, feelings and this allows us to show compassion and understanding to others. So lets embrace the wold of therapy, why wouldn't we want to learn about ourselves?

This is your life, your thoughts, your feelings.

Have you ever asked yourself why do I do this? What makes me get so mad? Why can't I feel I can say what I would like and many more questions. Then take the the opportunity to learn. Lets embrace therapy as it is not for just when we are experiencing concerns with our mental health. If we had a physical problem such as a broken leg, or a digestive issue we would seek help so why do we struggle to seek help for our mental health when is has such a big part to play in being human??????

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