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Therapy? I don't need therapy....

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Really is that what people still think? I know it may sound weak or even scary but having the courage to go regularly, to share your thoughts and feelings can help de-clutter the brain. By speaking allowed these thoughts and exploring what these feelings may be telling you, gives you an increased self-awareness.

Self-awareness is a fantastic way to really get to know yourself. Who are you really? What are your needs and how can you meet these needs.

When I found myself struggling with life, I went to a therapist who listened, who didn't judge me. Who allowed me to express some of the complete and utter rubbish that was clogging up my brain. The freedom this started to give me, the feeling I was getting lighter, all because I was expressing these thoughts and feelings. For the first time in my life Ii found I was thinking about me and not everyone else around me. It was a little scary at first, feeling a little selfish about that extra time I wanted in the bath, or the last biscuit in the pack. But I soon learned this was not selfish, far from it for once I mattered. This felt so empowering, I started to make changes in my life. I new I had to take a different direction and that therapist gave me the tools and the knowledge about myself so I felt confident to take this different direction.

I have experienced the power therapy can have and I chose to train to become a therapist myself. Doing this has given me the opportunity to give that gift of self-awareness to others. to help others find their confidence and watch them grow.

So for me therapy is far from being just for "whimps" I feel therapy can be the bravest and strongest move anyone can take.

So next time you find yourself questioning "what am I doing in life?" or "why am I feeling this way?" or even just "I am struggling" be brave and take that first step to learning the answers to these and many more questions. Who knows where your journey may take you..........


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